schrodingersgnu (schrodingersgnu) wrote,

Soon it will be upon us...

For those highly evolved Americans who have embraced the obvious glory of Eurovision, the last nations have now chosen finalists and we are breathlessly waiting for the grand finale. I haven't managed to find all the finalists on Youtube yet, but thus far there are a few obvious favorites. Also pirates. How can you not love pirates?

With a Hi Hi Ho and a Hi Hi Hey, I give you the Wolves of the Sea:

The russian contribution is a huge break from last year, when they served up Tatu squared. This year is... almost as indescribable as the Ukrainian contri from last year. OK, less drag, less aluminium foil, and the singer is considerably less portly, but still. Beware of 1:50.

An honorary mention goes to Iceland, who sadly voted a bland boring contri as their finalist, and spurned the obvious genius of Mercedes Club:

I'd like to hire two gigantic icelanders to provide backup drums for everything I do. "Hey hey hey, We're washing our hands. Hey hey hey, we're out the door".

Also, check out the keyboard guy at ~2:20. such concentration from a man using only one finger, it is truly inspiring.

Oh, and the completely random german counting towards the end. further comments are superfluous.
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