schrodingersgnu (schrodingersgnu) wrote,

Eurovision 2007

The Ukrainian contribution was one of the best Eurovision songs of all time - catchy, bizarre, wonderfully whimisical and really must be seen to be belived. The French (Watch them run) and Greek songs were outstanding as well, with Sweden (Glitter! Nipples! She-males! Chest hair!) and possibly Spain (Boy Candy!!!) as followups. Even though the Ukrainian contribution was amazing, Greece should have won - the song was an ultimate Eurovision song, catchy and airy with a chorus one could join in on halfway through the song. Also a brief moment of improvised Morris Dancing.

Sadly, the voting was dominated by the ~138 former east block countries who seriously has no frikkin idea what Eurovision is all about. Very sad, and I hope the voting system will be overhauled in the future to avoid turning it into yet another bland Top40 event. Admittedly, the Ukraine did get second place, but I think that was due to a combination of bloc voting and western Europe voting in true Eurovision spirit.
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