schrodingersgnu (schrodingersgnu) wrote,

A revival of an old tradition...

In a throwback to my first year as a postdoc, I'm now enjoying the "It's monday morning and the Gnu's face is falling off" experience.

The weekend was spent skiing in Mammoth Mountains, which was absolutely awesome. Perfect weather, between 40 and 60 F temperature depending on altitude, still plenty of snow and almost no people. Unfortunately, 11,000 feet of altitude and a deep blue sky does not make a good combination with the fair skin of the Scandinavian Gnu (Connochaetes Scandi). Right now I have a beautiful red/white border on my forehead where the bandanna was, in addition to the sunshade-induced racoon eyes in an otherwise beet-red face. The peeling will commence shortly.

Some pictures after .

Two Swedes and a Danish descendant on a mountain. Suprisingly, I'm not the one in all black.

Resting in the slope.

The conquering heroes by the Mammoth mammoth.

Anyone want to go play in the snow?
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